Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

After Placing an order at: "Bolsale® Store" you've to understand and agree by the terms and conditions listed below;


Any attempt to alter, modify, supplement or amend these terms by the Customer will be considered a material alteration of this agreement and therefore are null and void.

We always reserve the right to make changes to this site and in these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice to you.



We accept PaypalSkrill, Visa and Master and other credit cards, Bank Transfer and WU are also accepted. If you get a message at any time that your transaction is declined, please do not try to process it again and again,

but just contact our Support team.


Prices & Availability:

All prices on our store are quoted in US Dollars ($).

Because of the fast-moving nature of the industry, prices and availability can be change without notice.

We're unable to issue price adjustments due to manufacturer price changes after date of original sale.

We'll do our best to provide the most accurate, update information, but errors can occur and we always reserve the right to make changes without any notice.

We also sell these products to re sellers in the world. All website orders with an individual product quantity over 5 could enjoy some extra discount, So please contact us by email.

 Regular & Bulk Purchasing:

We process Regular products within 2 to 4 hours, Anyway, Not our all products are available to buy online, Products that have physical status are marked with shipping symble.

Our terms are mentioned bellow, Which you've to accept for Buying Bulk Quantity as a Contractor.

Customer will;

  1. Confirm his minimum monthly order, In case he want to get bulk quantity.
  2. Confirm his Payment method and If, he want to pay via PayPal, transfer fee will apply.
  3. Mention before buying license keys, If he want COA.
  4. Send mass payment to place his order.
  5. Give acknowledgement before buying products from other sellers, If he has best price than ours.

We’ve all rights to cancel or delay your order, If you’re denied our terms. After confirm your payment, Delivery time is 3 to 5 business days for product keys bulk quantity, but COA Stickers will deliver within a Week. Please Confirm your order, So that we may reserve your products.


After receiving the clear payment, we will send product key via email within 10 minutes, but sometime it may take maximum 1 hour to deliver, which depends on your way to pay us, so you can place your order anytime to instant service 24/7.


Refund Policy:

Our Support team can solve Almost Any Problem you got after purchased software, therefore first of all, please try to ask them to assist you. Refund will be issue in the case of unsolvable problems with a products.

Please contact us for the refund in 60 days after you receive the product.

We offer 60-days money back guarantee, but provide whole-life guarantee for any issue with our keys, So Just place refund request by sending email to us.

It is very important for you to provide working e-mail ID for all communications with our Support team and Store. If charge back was performed by you, our Store needs to perform the following;

If fraud is suspected, we report the case to the FBI (Internet Fraud Complaint Center);

We Initialize legal proceedings against you to recover all order amount.



By placing an order with us, You indicate that you have must read and understand our terms.

You also indicate that you accept any limitations of the particular product, you are purchasing.

Please note that we sell only downloadable refurbished software, it means that we only ship the label, when you place an order for physical Goods separately.

Please remember that you will not be able to get any support from manufacturer or register your product online, but our technical team will help you if you have any problem.

You can download software from special download area which we will be create after a successful order.

Software products comes as ISO image files (in this case you need to burn downloaded ISO image file to RW-DVD disk or mount it to virtual drive).


Technical Support:

Bolsale® Store offers technical support to all customers.

We will glad to help you with the following process: downloading, installation and activation.


System Requirements:

You can see Minimum system requirements for all OS, after search at Google, So please check your system requirements to solve key issue.

By placing an order for our products, you must agree that the system on which you want to install the software meets all minimum system requirements.

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